AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) Highlights

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

  • Support homogeneous migration such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migration between database platforms such as Oracle or MSSQL to Aurora.
  • Support one-time data migration and continuous replication.
  • Replication between on-premise and on-premise is not supported. One source has to have AWS.
  • DMS provides end to end view of data replication process

AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT)

  • SCT to use for heterogeneous migration predictable by automatically converting the source database schema to a format compatible with the target database.
  • SCT also can look into your application code that embedded SQL statement and convert them as part of a database schema conversion project.
  • SCT Supported
Source DatabaseTarget Database
Oracle, Azure SQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 LUW, AuroraAmazon Aurora, MySQL
Oracle DBOracle
Oracle, Azure SQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 LUW, MySQL, MariaDBPostgreSQL
Oracle DWH, MSSQL, Teradata, IBM Netezza, Greenplum, HPE VerticaAmazon Redshift
Apache CassandraAmazon DynamoDB


  • You only pay for resources used in migration process and additional log storage.
  • Behind the scene, DMS will use instances for the migration.


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