Toàn bộ AWS Snowball Cheat Sheet 2021 Updated

AWS SnowBall

  • Help to transfer data to AWS by using a physical device. Common use case to copy TB to PB of data to AWS.
  • Snowball has computing and storage capability.
  • How Snowball Edge (SBE) work:
    • You start to request one or more snowball edge on AWS Management Console
    • AWS buckets, data, Amazon EC2 AMIs, Lambda functions to be configured before shipping to you
    • You receive the devices and setup manual IP or DHCP.
    • Unlock the device by using codes and Snowball client software. Codes and manifest is uniqued, you cannot use for other device.
    • Data copied to buckets is encrypted automatically.
  • All logistic and shipping is done by AWS
  • You can see the tracking information of the device via messages by Amazon SNS.
  • AWS Snowball is an AWS Service. Snowball Edge is a device. Originally, AWS Snowball is hardware but now AWS added compute capability to help SnowBall Edge can proceed some calculation at site without networking or connections.
  • SnowBall Edge types:
    • SnowBall Edge Compute Optimized: powerful compute, high speed storage for data processing before transferring to AWS. Typical workloads: machine learning, video processing, real-time processing.
      • 52 vCPU, 208 GB RAM, 7.68TB of NVMe SSD, 42TB of HDD, 100 Gbps, nVidia V100.
    • SnowBall Edge Storage Optimized: General purpose analytics such as IoT data aggregation and transformation.
      • 40 vCPU, 32 GB RAM, 80TB of HDD, 1TB of SATA SSD, 40 Gbps
  • You CANNOT use SnowBall Edge to migrate data from AWS Region to another AWS Region. In this case, you should consider to use S3 Cross-Region-Replication.
  • Transfer time estimation: around one week to transfer 80TB of data, including shipping and handling time at site.
  • SnowBall Edge must return in 360 days. You cannot borrow a device forever ^^
  • SnowBall Edge supports Clustering to create larger durable storage pool with single S3-compatible end point. Eg: 6 Storage optimized can be clustered to a single durable storage of 400TB. Or standalone performance of a storage optimized is 80TB.
  • You cannot use mixing of storage optimized and compute optimized for durable cluster.
  • You cannot use existing EBS for Snowball Edge.
  • Amazon EC2 on SnowBall Edge supports variety of free OS such as Ubuntu, CentOS. They can be pre-configured load to SBE without any modification. To run other OS, you need to provide licenses.
  • You can run multiple EC2 instances on the SBE as long as under device capacity.
  • SBE encrypts data at rest by using AWS KMS.
  • Using VM Import/Export tool to load AMI into SBE
  • AWS OpsHub is a member of Snow family that provides graphic user interface to manage SBE easily with no extra cost.
  • AWS OpsHub runs on a local machine such as your laptop to manage SBE devices.
  • OpsHub encrypted data while transferring to SBE. All data written to AWS Snow family is encrypted by default.
snowball edge

SBE Block Storage

  • You can add block storages to SBE
  • SBE block storage is different with Amazon EBS (only a subset of Amazon EBS).
  • Data on on the SBE block storage will be deleted when arrived to AWS. If you want to save the data, you should copy it to S3-compatible storage (this data will be copied to AWS S3 bucket when arrived to AWS).
  • You add SBE block storage after you received device from AWS.
  • SBE cannot be shipped to another Region. AWS shipped and used in single Region, you cannot use it or ship it to another Region.


  • Data transfer In to AWS or S3 is free.
  • You will be charged for S3 storage
  • SBE service fee by use (total days of using). Also depends on type of SBE (compute or storage optimized or compute optimized with GPU)
  • SBE can support discount up to 62% if you have commitment of using 1 or 3 years. For this type, you have to contact sales team.
  • Service fee per job (10 days of onsite usage as default)
  • Shipping fee and service charge
  • You cannot buy SBE device.


  • 10 Block storage volumes per EC2 instance
  • Max block storage volume is 10TB.
  • Object file has range from 0 byte to 5TB


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