Ghi chú về AWS Snowmobile Cheat Sheet

AWS Snowmobile

  • Help to transfer exabyte-scale data to AWS. Larger capacity than Snowball.
  • Is a secured data truck with up to 100PB storage capacity. You can scale exabyte-scale data with 10 snowmobile parallel from single location or multiple data centers.
  • Physical specification: 100PB storage, 45 foot long high cube container, 68K pounds.
  • Resistant capability: water-resistant, tamper-resistant, temperature controlled, GPS-tracked.
  • For larger than 10PB data sets, you should use Snowmobile. And smaller 10PB data sets, you should use Snowball Edge.
  • Snowmobile requires a site requirements such as power (~350KW), network connectivity)
  • You can connect snowmobile via NFS endpoint
  • Snowmobile is designed to copy at 1Tbps. Less than 10 days to copy 100PB of data.

How AWS Snowmobile work?

  • You place inquiry on AWS Console
  • AWS personel will contact you to clarify the requirements and schedule a job
  • AWS drives the truck to your site.
  • AWS connects the snowmobile to your site
  • Data transfer to snowmobile is completed
  • Snowmobile will back to designed AWS region
  • Upload to AWS storage service such as S3 or Glacier.
  • AWS will work with you to validate the uploaded data.


  • Snowmobile job cost $0.005/GB/month based on amount of storage provisioned capacity.
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